Convenience functions

Convenient wrapper functions

gl_new_project() gl_edit_project() gl_delete_project()

Manage projects

gl_new_issue() gl_create_issue() gl_edit_issue() gl_close_issue() gl_reopen_issue() gl_assign_issue() gl_unassign_issue() gl_delete_issue()

Post a new issue or edit one

gl_pipelines() gl_jobs() gl_builds() gl_latest_build_artifact()

Access the GitLab CI builds

gl_list_branches() gl_get_branch() gl_create_branch() gl_delete_branch()

List, create and delete branches

gl_create_merge_request() gl_edit_merge_request() gl_close_merge_request() gl_delete_merge_request() gl_list_merge_requests()

Manage merge requests

gl_get_comments() gl_get_issue_comments() gl_get_commit_comments() gl_comment_commit() gl_comment_issue() gl_edit_comment() gl_edit_issue_comment() gl_edit_commit_comment()

Get the comments/notes of a commit or issue

gl_repository() gl_list_files() gl_file_exists() gl_get_file()

Access to repository files in GitLab

gl_get_commits() gl_get_diff()

Get commits and diff from a project repository

gl_list_issues() gl_get_issue()

Get issues of a project or user

gl_list_projects() gl_get_projects() gl_list_user_projects() gl_list_group_projects() gl_get_project()

List projects information

gl_push_file() gl_delete_file()

Upload, delete a file to a GitLab repository

Set global options

Define connection to an instance of GitLab

set_gitlab_connection() get_gitlab_connection() unset_gitlab_connection()

Get/set a GitLab connection for all calls


Request GitLab API


Set gitlabr options

Continuous Integration

Create .gitlab-ci.yml file for projects continuous integration


Add .gitlab-ci.yml file in your current project from template

Other functions

Functions requiring cleaning or deprecation


Define GitLab CI jobs content


gitlabr: Access to the 'Gitlab' API


renaming from gitlabr version 0.6.4 to 0.7


Archive a repository

gl_connection() gl_project_connection()

Connect to a specific GitLab instance API


Get a project id by name


Create a project specific request

glLoginInput() glReactiveLogin()

Shiny module to login to GitLab API


Translate projectwide issue id to global GitLab API issue id

Deprecated functions

archive() assign_issue() close_issue() comment_commit() comment_issue() create_branch() create_merge_request() delete_branch() edit_commit_comment() edit_issue() edit_issue_comment() file_exists() get_comments() get_commit_comments() get_commits() get_diff() get_file() get_issue() get_issue_comments() get_issues() get_project_id() gitlab_connection() list_branches() list_files() list_projects() new_issue() project_connection() proj_req() push_file() reopen_issue() repository() to_issue_id() unassign_issue()

Deprecated functions