Get issues of a project or user

  project = NULL,
  issue_id = NULL,
  verb = httr::GET,
  api_version = 4,

gl_get_issue(project, issue_id, ...)



project name or id, may be null for all issues created by user. If using the ID, set it as numeric, otherwise this is used as project name.


optional issue id (projectwide; for API v3 only you can use global iid when api_version is 3)


ignored; all calls with this function will have gitlab()'s default verb httr::GET


a switch to force deprecated GitLab API v3 behavior that allows filtering by global iid. If 3 filtering happens by global iid, if false, it happens by projectwide ID. For API v4, this must be FALSE (default)


further parameters passed on to gitlab(), may be state, labels, issue id, ...


Tibble of issues of the project with descriptive variables.


gl_get_issue provides a wrapper with swapped arguments for convenience, esp. when using a project connection


if (FALSE) {
# Set the connection for the session
  gitlab_url = test_url,
  private_token = test_private_token
# list issues
gl_list_issues("<<your-project-id>>", max_page = 1)
# list opened issues
gl_list_issues("<<your-project-id>>", state = "opened")
# Get one issue
gl_get_issue("<<your-project-id>>", issue_id = 1)
# Create new issue
gl_new_issue("<<your-project-id>>", title = "Implement new feature", 
  description = "It should be awesome.")
# Assign user to issue 1
gl_assign_issue("<<your-project-id>>", issue_id = 1, assignee_id = "<<user-id>>")