Breaking changes



  • gl_archive() is used to archive a project (not to download an archive)
  • fix use of max_page with gl_() functions calling gitlab()
  • Correction of api that downloaded twice the first page when page == "all"
  • Reduce max_page in examples and tests to retrieve content to allow to work with big GitLab servers like
  • Change maintainer
  • Update CONTRIBUTING for tests with
  • update_gitlabr_code() removed
  • gl_create_issue is introduced as new alias for gl_new_issue
  • tests are migrated and adapted to test server and to gitlab version 11.6. More specifically a private access tokens is used and login via username and password is no longer possible.
  • Support for Gitlab API v4 (default from Gitlab version 9.0 onward) was added. Gitlab API v4 is now the default used by gitlabr, but using the old API (v3) is still possible, see details section “API version” of the documentation of gl_connection.
    • Several convenience functions now have a force_api_v3 parameter to force old API version logic.
    • Issues are now identified by project-wide id and not global iid, according to API v4 logic.
    • Function gl_builds was replaced by gl_pipelines and gl_jobs to reflect API v4 logic.
  • push_to_remotes parameter was added to use_gitlab_ci such that gitlab CI can be used conveniently for pushing to remote repositories.
  • Examples were added to almost all function reference pages.
  • In case of Server Error (HTTP Status 5xx), gitlabr now performs up to 3 retries, waiting 25 seconds in between. This is mostly to catch errors due to slow server responses, when the packages test suite is run.

There is no gitlabr 0.8. Version number 0.9 was used to align with Gitlab version 9.0, for which this version is appropriate.

  • All functions were renamed to a new scheme starting with “gl_”
  • A shiny module with gitlab login was added
  • CI access functions were added
  • Added a file to track changes to the package.